A small step further!

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For a while now we were thinking about starting a YouTube channel, but couldn’t decide how, when and if we should do it, beause we didn’t know much about it. But at last we decided to start the channel.
So about a month ago we started a YouTube channel called Smutesmenom where we post gameplays of Smite, League of Legends and maybe a bit of other games (which we play in ourfree time).  We are also considering to put some videos of our gerbils there, because this is a website about gerbils isn’t it, and some of you may not be intersted in gameplays but you want to see some cute gerbils.
We would be thankfull if you’d pay a visit to the channel and support us by subscribeing and maybe if you are interested in watching and liking some videos.

Click here to visit channel.

About Kristina

Hello, I am Kristina and welcome to MyGerbil, a website about gerbils.I have a huge passion for animals, especially rodents - mostly for gerbils as you can see, so I decided to make a website about them.I hope you will enjoy your browsing and reading through MyGerbil.If you have any questions or thoughts feel free to leave a comment or leave a message at social media/e-mail.Cheers!

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