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There’s about 40 different existing coat colors of gerbils in the world and most of us only know and have the few basic ones that are usually sold in local pet stores.
Those basic coat colors are:
-Argente Golden
-Golden Agouti
-Grey Agouti


Genetic code: A-C-E-G-pp
The Argente Golden coat color is creamy orange or more like a rich yellow – beige.
Their belly has a creamy white color and the eyes are pink or ruby as some like to say.
Argente Golden gerbils carry double recesive genes for pink eyes (pp).
If you give the pp gene to a Golden Agoutti, the pp gene for red eyes doesn’t just remove the black pigment from their eyes and turns them red, it also removes the black pigment from their fur resulting a lighter and more creamy color.

Argente Golden is usually hard to distinguish from an Argente Cream but the Golden has a bit of grey under their yellow fur. The pups after a few days at first have a grey tone on their back and a few days later you can slowly notice the yellow fur becoming more visible, but still with a bit of grey under the yellow.



Genetic code: aa-C-E-G-P/Pp The Black coat color is like the name says completely black both on its belly and back, their eyes and claws are also black. They usually have small white marks on their paws and on or under the chin which are characteristics of that color and it is normal for a Black gerbil to have them.

When you give the Golden Agouti gerbil the aa gene which makes the coat color all around the body the same, you get the black gerbil. The black coat color can in some cases seem to be Slate, but it is the recesive gene (aa-C-E-G-Pp) which a gerbil carries that produces the lighter color. In first their few days the pups can have somegreyish-brown tone showing. Their belly may seem pink in their first days but after few more days it will become black as the rest of the fur on the body.


Genetic code: A-C-E-G-P The wild gerbil was described as being Golden Agouti (or just Agouti). The color of their fur is a mixture of a golden – brown and is heavily ticked with black.This coat color helps the gerbil in wild with camouflage so they can blend in with their surrounding. Their belly is creamy white and the eyes and claws are black.

All color genes that make Golden Agouti are dominant. Golden Agoutis have a color variation where their fur can be lighter than usual, this is the cause of a recesive e gene (A-C-Ee-G-P) which removes the black pigment and makes the fur color more yellow or lighter.

The lowest one is Golden Agouti

The pups when old a few days get a pink – greysh skin tone with their paws staying lighter or pink. After a few more days a golden – brown coat of fur with black tips will appear.


Genetic code: A-C-E-gg/uw(d)uw(d)-P
The Grey Agouti gerbil has a creamy white color with grey on top of the fur and a bit of golden-yellow can sometimes show through the fur. The eyes are black but reflect a bit of red on bright light, and the belly is white.

If you ad uw(d)uw(d) or underwhite dense gene (this gene was originaly thought to be the G – grey gene, but was renamed because of new colors appearing) to a Golden Agouti it takes out most of the yellow which results with a Grey Agouti – creamy white ticked with grey.

The pups when old a few days have a greysh-brown skin and look a bit similar to the Golden Agouti. The difference can be noticed as they age and it is easily to see the difference.


Genetic code: aa-C-E-G-pp
A Lilac gerbil has a dark grey coat color with some white marks on their chin or paws like on a black gerbil. Their eyes are pink (red or ruby as some preffer), and their belly is grey like the rest of the body.

If you give the pp gene for red eyes to a black gerbil, it doesn’t just turn the eyes red it also removes the black pigment and washes of the black resulting in a grey color, and the aa gene makes it even all over the body.
The pups after a few days will get a greysh-pink color, which becomes grey as they grow and stays like that their whole life.


Genetic code:  aa-C-E-gg/uw(d)uw(d)-P
A Slate gerbil has a really dark grey-brown color of fur which seems almost black. It looks like a black gerbil, but on the light the fur has a bit of a brown shyne. The eyes are black with a pupil that reflects a bit of red on bright light. The belly is the same color as the rest of the body, and the claws are grey. They can have white marks on the chin and paws just like a black gerbil does.
If you ad uw(d)uw(d) or underwhite dense gene (explained at the Grey Agouti) to a black gerbil, it removes not much of the yellow that is left, so the black coat, eyes and claws lighten a bit and results in a Slate color.

The slate pups have the same skin tone as black pups. In their first month it can be difficult to tell the difference between a black and a slate gerbil, but if you take a better look the slate ones have a bit lighter coat. The color stays like that their whole life.

Which coat color of the colors above do you like the most? Let me know in the comments below.
If you have any questions or thoughts on this post or anything else leave a comment or message by e-mail or social media.


  1. Marley Dawkins

    Oh wow this is amazing! I didn’t even know that gerbils come in such a wide variety of coat colours, and being as my partner wants a new pet without the extra work of a dog, so a gerbil sounds like a great option!

    I’m going to bookmark this page and see what my partner says, but I have a feeling she will be hosting your website alot. These little critters are so cute! Thanks for sharing this informative post, keep up the great work!

    1. Kristina Post author

      Thank you very much, I am glad that you liked this post. It is fascinating how many color variations exist and every color is just beautifull.
      I agree, if you want a pet and don’t want to clean after it a lot, then getting a gerbil is a great solution and they are cute too.:)
      If you have any questions feel free to ask, I would be happy to help!

  2. jeffrey16201

    Interesting article on gerbils, I never had a gerbil as a pet I don’t even know if they were available when I was a kid, where would one buy one of these now living in a rural area with no pet shops who have them?

    What is the difference between a gerbil and a plain field mouse, they all look the same to me?

    1. Kristina Post author

      Well I have the same problem with petshops, luckily I found one and there bought my first gerbils, but since then I can’t find them almost anywhere near. So it really depends which country you are from, you can try with the Adopt a pet website or other websites about pet adoptions like petsmart for example, or find out if someone near you is breeding gerbils that’s how usually people in my country get them.

      Well gerbils are a bit bigger than mice, but the main difference is their tail which is covered in fur. A gerbil reminds me more of a squirrel but with a less fluffy tail.

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    1. Kristina Post author

      Thank you, it’s nice to see that you like it.
      There are lots of gerbil coat colors, but these are just the basic ones from which more beautiful colors come.
      I am sure because i use books, my expirience and knowlege with a bit of help from other thrustworthy websites.

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    1. Kristina Post author

      Thank you for your nice comment! We are trying our best to make our posts and website as educative and entertaining as possible.

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