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When it comes to which food is best for gerbils it’s obviously debatable. Some say that pellets are best, and other say that certain seed mixes are better. I say that it deppends on how your gerbil is doing with that certain diet, if it likes the diet or not and if its getting fat/slim.

What are dry food pellets, and what are they made from?

Dry food pellets are made from a combination of different seeds and grass which are ground into pellets. They can be and adition to a gerbils diet, or the main diet with an adition of a seed mix.

Why food pellets?

Gerbils can be picky eaters and choose what they preffer first and leave the rest of a seed mix in the bowl not eaten. That’s why pellets are made for, beacuse they make it impossible for gerbils to pick out what they like and leave the rest so they’ll get all the nutritional benefits from eating them.

Which pellets are the best?

The pellets with best results on gerbils are laboratory food pellets for rats and rodents. Good pellets can be found in pet stores with a decent proportion of protein and fat. But there can be found even better in the stores which only specialize in animal food and diets. I’ve read that many gerbils owners had really good results with Nutri-Bloc (which is a pet store brand) and Rat Chow.

What if i don’t have that option?

Many seed mix brands are not completely well designed for gerbils, and those that are, are more expensive. There are also cases that a pet store doesn’t sell food for gerbils. In this case u can dilute a hamster mix by taking most of the sunflower seeds out and add high fibre pellets.
Some gerbils wont like pellets at all, so you’ll have to take another options and buy specially designed mixes just for gerbils.

Unfortunately not everyone has options to have everything perfect, so they have to buy what is available and make something out of it. But you can try to order online if that store ships to your country.

Do pellets have an expiration date?

Yes, everything has an expiration date and so do pellets. I advise you not to buy any food in bulk if you have just a few gerbils, because the nutritional values decrease over time.
Be sure to check the date when the food was made so you don’t accidentaly buy it old or expired.

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