Gerbils sleep cycle

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When i first wanted to get my gerbils I researched a lot about them and I came across a lot of statements that gerbils are nocturnal (active at night), diurnal (active at day) or even crepuscular (active at dawn/dusk).

So I was a bit confused from all that information and decided to search in books and ask some gerbil profesionals. It turned out that these statement weren’t completely right.

Sleep/activity cycle

Sleepy gerbilA gerbil isn’t only active at night or day like some other rodents are (hamsters for example are mostly active during night).
Its sleep-active cycle is a bit more complex.

A gerbil is active during both day and night with short periods of sleep inbetween periods of activity.
They can even get used to your daily routine and be active while you are around them.

Mine are mostly active when I’m doing something around the room, and sleep when I’m on the laptop or not in the room with them.
I also noticed that they are less active during winter time, and more during summer –  their sleep patterns also change a bit with season change.

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