About MyGerbil

Hello we are Davor and Kristina and welcome to our website – MyGerbil!
MyGerbil is a website where we provide information about gerbils and their care.
Because we of course have gerbils as pets, we want to show you how we care for them,
and help you learn (if you never had gerbils before) how you can care for them too, so they
feel good with you and like being where they are, and of course so you feel good about yourself too, because you are taking good care of them and making them happy. Making them happy makes us happy, we hope you too!
We try our best to make our page and posts as interesting as possible. And please, if you have any questions or suggestions about anything feel free to leave a comment so we can know and respond to you. We hope you will like it here.
Cheers!If you want to get to know us and how we decided to make a website about gerbils click here or go to the menu MyGerbil > About Us.

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