My gerbils

This is Chewy, a Lilac female. One of my first gerbils I ever had. She is a bit shy and carefull with her every step. Her name suits her well, because we had a few bitting accidents with her. But now she got used to hands and in facts likes to be handeled.




This is Miš (or translated Mouse) – so original, I know. He is an Argente Golden male. He likes to cuddle, being handeled and is calm while in hands. Sometimes he likes to climb on shoulders and then he would run from shoulder to shoulder. He is a funny little guy.



This one is named Čudica (traslated – Little Miracle), a Lilac female. She fell when she was small (about a week-two old) and I was afraid she would die. But that little fighter survived and now is the cutest and funniest one in the group. When she walks in your hand, she will be calm for few seconds and then start to dig like crazy.


This is Hany, an Argente Golden female. Also one of my first gerbils ever. She is the most relaxed and active one. When I open the cage she immediately comes to my hands and starts climbing on me. She is very curious and a little adventurer. Once she gets the chance she will explore every corner and every person she can.


This one is named Scar, a bit obvious. A Lilac female. As you can se she has a scar on her eye. She got it when she was small, and her parents got in a fight while she was around so they unfortunately bit her. But she is fine now and can see well, a curious little creature who likes to climb hands.

If you want to show us your gerbils or other pets, feel free to post your pictures in the comments bellow or on our social media pages. We would love to see them!

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