Water care and maintenance – Do gerbils drink water?

Do gerbils drink water? How do gerbils drink water?

gerbil drinking

Although gerbils are desert animals, they still need water to drink. A gerbil drinks an average of 4 ml of water per day and in the wild they can be without water for longer periods.
They get water from seeds, insects, plants and from licking  of morning dew.

Because of the desert habitat their bodies preserve as much water as possible and that results in dry feces and small amounts of urine.

But while kept as pets, gerbils should have fresh and clean water available at all times.

Water bottle or water dish?

When it comes to deciding on which is better, the water bottle is a better choice, but if you don’t have it, a dish is good too.

A water dish is good, but it can get dirty quickly. Gerbils like to dig, and by digging they can throw bedding in the dish. A water dish can easily get knocked over and the water will spill, making the bedding wet.

Because of that the cage and the dish will need to be cleaned more often. If you want to avoid too much mess you can try and somehow fix the dish on a higher place in tank.water bottle

A water bottle is a better solution. The bottle can’t be spilled or get full with bedding like the water dish. It will keep the water and tank clean.
Glass bottles are preferable, but plastic ones are more comonly sold in stores. Plastic bottles are good too, but gerbils can chew on them.

You can use a metal holder so you prevent your gerbils to chew on it. The tube where they drink from is best out of stainless steel with a ball bearing in the spout.

Make sure to place the bottle where it’s easy to access, but not to low so it doesn’t get in touch with the bedding, because it can leak that way and make a mess.

When to change the water?

The water should be changed at least every 2 days. Gerbils don’t drink a lot, so you may think you can wait until the bottle gets empty, but they need fresh and clean water like you do.
If you leave the bottle or dish to long bacteria and algae can form and cause health problems to your gerbils.

The water dish should be cleand regularly, and if you notice that it has a bit of bedding in it, clean it and put fresh water in, it takes about 2 minutes to get it done.

Water bottle/dish care and maintanance

The watter bottle should be washed regularly with soapy water, scrubed with a brush and rinsed thoroughly, (at least once a week, or when you’re changing the water).
Check the tube for clogs by tapping on the ball bearing.

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