What is a gerbil?

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The Mongolian gerbil is a small mammal, that is rodent with a long furry tail.  They were once known as desert rats and originate from Asia. At first they were used in laboratories for research purposes, but because of their curiosity and likable personality they soon became pets and were becoming more and more popular as pets. You can read more about that here.

Gerbils are social animals and interact with each other quite a lot. You  can see them play, groom each other, wrestle and chase each other.

If you approach their house, they will come to see who is there, unless they are asleep then it is best to let them be and come back later.
Gerbils will make you smile with their cuteness.

They are easy to take care of and don’t produce smelly waste like mice, hamsters and rats. They won’t bite unless in life threathening situation.

If you still are unsure of getting yourself gerbils read more here or contact us by e-mail or social media, we would be happy to help.

Most common questions I get when I mention gerbils:


What is a gerbil? / What is that?
As I said in the first sentence a gerbils is a small mammal, that is rodent with a long furry tail.
When I give them this answer they don’t really get it, so I say: they are something inbetween a rat, a hamster and a mouse, but not really like them.
And then they say ooohh I get it, but I can see in their look that they still don’t  quite understand. So I show them some pictures and most reactions are either aaww soo cute, or well it looks like a rat to me.

Is it (something like) a rat?
No, a rat is bigger and has a bald tail. Gerbils have fluffy furry tails and are smaller than rats.

Is it (something like) a mouse?
A mouse is smaller than a gerbil. It has a bald tail like a rat. It also has smaller eyes and bigger ears. They can get smelly fast, the males especially, which is not the case with gerbils.

Is it (something like) a hamster?

Hamsters have a very small and short tail (sometimes hardly noticeable), bigger ears and their body is more round shaped. They are also nocturnal, meaning they are mostly active during nigth and prefer to live alone.
Gerbils are more social and are active during the whole day with cycles of sleep and activity.

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